After almost 12 years of war, the crisis in Syria continues to affect the lives of millions. 6.6 million people are internally displaced country-wide, while another 6.8 million Syrians remain as refugees in Türkiye, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. 

Affected populations face mounting challenges due to prolonged and protracted displacement, poor living conditions, restricted economic opportunities, and limited humanitarian access. These conditions have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing financial crises, exacerbating the existing vulnerabilities of affected populations. 

Humanitarian needs in Northwest Syria (NWS) are especially dire, where millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs) have sought refuge near the Turkish border. Despite a decrease in large-scale military operations since a March 2020 ceasefire, sporadic hostilities have persisted, and humanitarian access is limited. 

IOM responds to support resilience and decrease dependency for displaced Syrians and host communities, who together face a compounding and multifaceted crisis. IOM assistance is needs-based, inclusive, and principled upon the Humanitarian Imperative above all else.